VN: Nice Day


“Nice Day:Again” is the very first Visual Novel I’ve written. It was released years ago, and it received a positive review among those who read it. While the presentation was felt to be lacking, the story was touching. A year later, I re-released “Nice Day” as “Nice Day:Again”, this time updating the soundtrack, artwork and presentation, while also updating the writing.

“Nice Day:Again” tells the story of Davis Brooks, who is enjoying his summer break from school. Habitually, he rides the bus every Friday, evidence that he is not a couch potato. One day, he comes across a girl named Rachel, who accosts him during the trip, and then many trips thereafter. Davis finds that he falls in love with Rachel, and musters his courage to tell her…

The story clocks in at about 2800 words. The artwork was done by “Jun Kurose”, whereas music was composed by “Sam English”.