VN: Reaching Out

Sometimes, stories aren’t these big, epic quests for world peace. Sometimes, stories aren’t about great catastrophe and impossible adversities.

Sometimes, stories are about the small conflicts in life. The conflict of discovering who you are, and becoming who you’d like to be.

For Rody, this small conflict of life is very important.

For Cecile, Rody’s conflict means change.

When Rody reaches out to Cecile, he discovers who he is, and who he’d like to be. This is the story of that event.

(File is about 35mb, executable Windows is 30mb)

~4,800 words. Please note that the sprites have been available in the public domain for a while now, and can be found here. All else is not public domain and I ask that you not use anything of the VN for anything else, unless you ask. 🙂

Windows Version (executable)

Windows/Mac/Linux Version (zip file)

Mac Version (zip file)